Best 9 Easy Winter Makeup Looks To Recreate This Year

Are you also finding easy winter makeup looks to create this season? Tbh! I frequently struggle when it comes to makeup looks. That’s why I always prefer to go with simple makeup looks. However, winter is the perfect time to experiment with makeup looks! To help you get inspired, here are some of the coolest winter makeup looks to try this year.

1. Neutral Smoky Eyes:

Easy Winter Makeup Looks: smoky eyes

To create a subtle smoky eye, apply a light brown eyeshadow to your eyelids and a darker color to the crease. Finish off the look with soft brown eyeliner and mascara. This one is really great to recreate for your easy winter makeup looks.

2. Red Lip and Cat Eye:


One of the best easy winter makeup looks is a classic combo that never fails to look stunning! Line your eyes with black eyeliner, and then apply bold red lipstick for a dramatic look. 

3. Glittery Eyes:


For a sparkly and glamorous look, try glittery eyeshadow. Apply a light base color to the eyelid and then layer a glittery eyeshadow over the top. Finish off the look with a few coats of mascara. 

4. Bold Brows:


Achieve a bold brow look by using a brow pencil or powder. Fill in sparse areas and brush the hairs up to create a fuller brow look. 

5. Metallic Lips:


For a statement lip look, try metallic lipstick. Apply it directly to your lips or try out an ombre look by applying a darker color on the outer edges and a lighter color on the inner portion. And this colorful look will also look great this winter.

6. Dramatic Eyeliner:


Dramatic eyeliner is a great way to make a statement with your makeup. It can be tricky to get the perfect look, but it’s definitely possible! You can recreate this Selena Gomez look or Here are a few tips that might help you get the desired effect:

  • Start by applying a thin line of black eyeliner close to your lash line using a felt-tip liquid eyeliner.
  • If you want a more dramatic look, create a thicker line with pencil eyeliner.
  • Use a smudging tool to create a subtle smoky effect.
  • Add a few individual false eyelashes to the outer corners of your eyes to add some extra drama.

I hope these tips help you get the perfect dramatic look! Good luck!

7. Luminous Glow Easy Winter makeup looks:


A luminous winter glow makeup look is achievable with a few simple steps.

  • Start by using a gentle cleanser to remove any dirt and oil from your face.
  • After that, moisturize your skin with a moisturizer.
  • Next, apply a light layer of foundation and blend it well.
  • Follow this up with a hint of blush to give your cheeks a natural flush.
  • Finally, add a hint of highlighter to give your skin a luminous glow. Finish the look by adding a few coats of mascara and neutral lip color.

Enjoy your beautiful winter glow makeup look!

8. Bold Blush Winter Look


We all know how great it peeks when your chicks naturally flush. All we need is the right undertone of blush to look like a glowing beauty. In the winter, I use cream or liquid blush to keep my cheeks rosy all day. They should be applied first, and then set with the same undertone powder blush. Now you are all set!

9. Sky Eye Shadow Winter Makeup Look


A gorgeous winter look with sky-colored eye makeup will look great on any occasion. For a particular event, I came up with this look that was quite simple to pull off. Just use a sky shadow on your lid and outline with a silver shimmer shade. 

Final Words

These are just some of the coolest winter makeup looks to try this year. Have fun experimenting with different looks, and let your creativity shine! I sincerely hope you liked this article and got some inspiration to create an easy makeup look from it.

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